Get Involved - Volunteer River Guardian Network

Our Volunteer River Guardians are individuals who are passionate about preserving and enhancing a particular stretch of their local river. 

As a Volunteer River Guardian we would like you to “take ownership” of a section of river bank within the Dee catchment and to be the eyes and ears of the DINNS Project on the ground, helping identify INNS issues.

Some of the things that help us as part of this role are:

There are no set number of hours for this role and what you do is entirely at your discretion.  Volunteer River Guardians are asked to keep a log of their hours and mileage which allows the DINNS Project to identify match funding opportunities and travel expenses incurred and reimburse the VRG accordingly.   

Informal training (including pocket guides) in invasive non-native species identification will be provided.

Priority will be given in offering more formal training in control techniques (including brush cutting and weedspraying)

If you would like to find out more please contact us.

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