Get Involved - INNS Surveys

Surveys are vital to help us to understand the distribution of Invasive Non-Native Species on the Dee catchment and allow us to ensure effective management strategies can be put in place to tackle them.

We are always looking for volunteer surveyors to help us to ensure that we can get good coverage of the Dee catchment each year to fully understand both the distribution of INNS on the Dee catchment but also the effectiveness of our control programme.

raft survey


We offer full training on the survey techniques for each species and provide the survey and safety equipment needed to carry out a survey on behalf of the project. 


INNS surveys are best carried out between May and September as this is when most species are more abundant. Some species however can be spotted all year due to the way they either die back (in the case of plants) or due to changes in behaviour due to pressures on resources such as food.


All of the species in the β€˜On the Dee’ section of this website require surveying each year but there are also those which are β€˜ones to watch out for’ that we ask people to remain vigilant for.