Get Involved - Education & Awareness

Education and Awareness are key to spreading the word about invasive non-native species and their impacts. The DINNS Project offer talks to local groups, schools, organisations and other interested parties as well and producing and distributing educational materials and providing training.


The DINNS Project and partners can offer to deliver informative and engaging talks about the the DINNS Project, Invasive non-native species and their impacts and biosecurity. These talks can be tailored to the audiences specific interests and requirements, ensuring that they are relevant and useful.

If you would like a talk by the project or it’s partners then please contact us here.

Educational materials

The DINNS Project holds a limited number of educational resources for invasive non-native species that we can distribute freely to groups, school, organisations and individuals. These include;

The project can also direct you to other online resources that are useful for education and awareness, please see our Links page for more information.



The DINNS Project can also offer your organisation or group bespoke training in three key areas;

These training sessions are tailored to your requirements and typically last half a day. If you would like to know more about this training then please contact us