Big Dee Day - The Invasion

In 2012 partners from the Big Dee Day (river clean up) steering group and key individuals working in the wildlife sector joined forces to expand on the success of the Big Dee Day River Clean Up event. The River Clean Up event focused on clearing rubbish from the River Dee catchment and, since its launch in 2008, has been a great success involving thousands of local people and businesses. With Invasive Non-native Species (INNS) being such a big problem on the Dee Catchment the steering group decided that a second Big Dee Day event would be great for helping to raise awareness of this problem and also give their established volunteer base another focus.  

The Big Dee Day River Clean Up event is held in September each year which is too late for many INNS to be effectively controlled. To coincide with the optimum time to control INNS the new event was scheduled to take place early in the summer and the new event also needed a new name… The Big Dee Day - The Invasion.

Big Dee Day TI logo

The Big Dee Day The Invasion event is launched on the last weekend of June each year with a programme of volunteer events throughout July. The event is a great way for us to raise awareness about INNS and their impacts by giving local people and business the opportunity to get involved with their management. Most control events are aimed at controlling Himalayan balsam as it is volunteer friendly and, unlike some INNS, doesn't require and special training or permits to control!


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Sponsor The Big Dee Day The Invasion

We are always looking for sponsorship for our events. Health and Safety equipment such as gloves and hi-vis jackets are always needed for events, assistance with producing promotional items such as t-shirts and tote bags is always welcome and even providing food and drink for volunteer event is welcome.

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