About Us

The Dee Invasive Non-Native Species Project is a catchment-wide partnership initiative to manage Invasive Non-Native Species on the Dee Catchment in England and Wales. The project was set up in 2012 and a Strategic Action Plan for the Project was produced in 2012/13; implementation of the plan began in Summer 2013.

WDT Vols working in Partnership Catption

The Project’s vision is:

‘To develop an overarching cross-border catchment-wide strategy that will enable invasive non-native species to be controlled throughout the Dee catchment in a holistic and sustainable manner and raise awareness of the impact of Invasive Non-Native Species throughout the wider catchment area.’

The project will achieve this vision through close partnership working, strategic management and engagement. By working together to prevent the spread of and remove invasive non-native species within the catchment the Dee Invasive Non-Native Species Control Project will help to safeguard and improve the quality of nationally and internationally important sites for nature conservation and improve access and enjoyment for recreation within the Dee catchment.